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At Plastic Card ID , technology isn't just about staying current; it's about looking forward to the future. We understand that the world of card printing is ever-evolving. That's why we have made a steadfast commitment to deliver superior card printing capabilities, integrating advanced modules that cater to the most demanding requirements. Our dedication to innovation ensures our clients are always one step ahead, equipped with the latest in modular upgrades for their printing needs.

We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner for businesses and organizations across the nation. Whether you're printing ID cards, access cards, or membership cards, our advanced printer modules guarantee a seamless, high-quality result that aligns with your specific requirements. Knowing that advancements in technology don't wait, we've embraced the very best of what the industry has to offer.

Ready to upgrade your card printing process? Simply call our team at 800.835.7919 and we'll guide you through the latest innovations tailored to your needs. At Plastic Card ID , we're not just about printers-we're about building relationships and providing a service that spans far beyond the purchase.

Advanced module printers are not your average printers; they're a step into the future of card production. Their sophisticated technological advancements make them an essential tool for businesses looking to upgrade their card printing capabilities.

These modules provide:

  • Superior print quality and resolution
  • Enhanced security features
  • Expanded card functionality
  • Greater customization options
  • Efficiency in high-volume print tasks

Keeping your technology up-to-date is integral for maintaining a competitive edge. By upgrading to a printer equipped with advanced modules, you gain access to a myriad of benefits that streamline your operations and elevate the end product.

Upgraded printers offer:

  • Higher speed without compromising quality
  • Improved durability of printed cards
  • Ability to incorporate new security features like holograms and watermarking
  • Ease of integration with existing systems

At Plastic Card ID , we recognize the importance of understanding the technological curve. It's about anticipating what's next and preparing for it today. This means regularly assessing the market, listening to customer needs, and investing in R&D.

Our focus on staying ahead includes:

  • Adapting to emerging industry standards
  • Implementing the latest in module technology
  • Maintaining robust partnerships with tech leaders
  • Keeping a close eye on innovation trends

When investing in card printers, our clients expect nothing less than excellence. This is why our selection includes only the best advanced printer modules on the market. With a suite of customizable features, these printers can create cards that are not only visually appealing but laden with advanced functionality.

To provide this outstanding level of service, we have equipped our printers with a range of advanced capabilities that offer unparalleled advantages to our clients.

Quality is non-negotiable when it comes to card printing. We have integrated our printers with high-fidelity modules capable of delivering rich colors and crisp, clear texts. This ensures that your cards not only look professional but also cement a positive impression.

Features that contribute to our exceptional print quality include:

  • High-resolution printing modules for detail-rich imagery
  • Precise color calibration for brand consistency
  • Advanced dye sublimation technology for vibrant prints

In today's world, security is paramount. Our advanced modules offer a bevy of security features to protect sensitive information. From encoding capabilities to advanced holographic overlays, these printers are built to safeguard against unauthorized duplication and tampering.

The security features include:

  • Custom holographic films for counterfeiting prevention
  • In-built chip encoding for secure access control
  • Durable lamination for extended card life

Our clients often operate under tight deadlines, requiring a printing solution that can keep pace. That's exactly what you get with our advanced module printers-efficiency without compromise. They're designed to handle large volumes quickly, without ever missing a beat.

Key efficiency features include:

  • Fast print speeds to keep workflow moving
  • High-capacity feeders for less frequent reloading
  • Intuitive interfaces for user-friendly operation

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The only constant in technology is change. With Plastic Card ID , you don't just get card printers; you get a future-proof gateway to evolving printing innovations. We're committed to offering modular printers that adapt to your growing and changing business needs.

We ensure our clients are well-prepared for the future, equipped with technology that grows with their organization.

Every organization has unique needs, and our printers reflect that with their modularity. Whether you need dual-sided printing, advanced encoding, or high-volume output, our modular printers can be tailored to fit your exact requirements.

We offer:

  • Upgradeable modules for expanded functionality
  • Interchangeable parts for ease of maintenance
  • Customizable software to meet specific operational needs

Regulations evolve, and so must our printing solutions. We take a proactive approach to compliance, ensuring our printer modules meet the highest industry standards. With us, you're not just compliant; you're ahead of the game.

Our printers adhere to:

  • Latest payment card industry security standards
  • Government issued identification regulations
  • Healthcare information privacy protocols

Investing in an advanced modular printer from Plastic Card ID isn't a one-time transaction-it's the beginning of a long-term partnership. We provide ongoing support, ensuring that your printer continues to operate at peak efficiency years down the line.

Our support includes:

  • Access to technical expertise for troubleshooting
  • Regular firmware and software updates
  • Comprehensive service agreements for maintenance

Realizing the full potential of your card printer means leveraging all its capabilities. At Plastic Card ID , our advanced modules don't just print cards-they secure, personalize, and enhance every aspect of your card program.

Discover the possibilities with our range of cutting-edge features.

Security isn't just a feature; it's an imperative. Our printers come equipped with industry-leading security modules that protect personal data and reduce the risk of fraud. These high-spec modules make security an integral part of every card you print.

Security highlights include:

  • Encryption features for data protection
  • Detailed audit tracking for accountability
  • Secure boot processes to prevent tampering

Your brand is unique, and your cards should be too. With our customizable printer modules, options are virtually limitless. Add unique graphics, watermarks, or holograms-whatever it takes to make your cards stand out in a crowd.

Custom features you can expect:

  • Innovative card design software for easy customization
  • Specialty inks and overlays for branding differentiation
  • Variable data printing for personalized touches

In an increasingly digital world, smart cards are becoming the norm. Our advanced encoding modules make it easy to integrate technology like RFID, NFC, and smart chips into your cards, making them not just identification tools but powerful smart devices.

Capabilities include:

  • Various chip encoding options for multiple applications
  • Contactless technology for user convenience
  • Compatibility with existing access control systems

Navigating the complexities of advanced card printers can be challenging, which is where the expertise of Plastic Card ID comes into play. Our team is at the forefront of printing technology, offering personalized guidance to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Exceptional service is just a call away. Connect with us at 800.835.7919 and let us help you find the ideal printing solution for your needs.

We begin by understanding your objectives, requirements, and challenges. Our consultants work closely with you to tailor a solution that meets your specifications and exceeds your expectations.

Our consultation services offer:

  • A thorough assessment of your card printing requirements
  • Expert recommendations aligned with your goals
  • Personalized demos of printer capabilities

Adopting new technology should be exciting, not stressful. Our team ensures a seamless implementation of your new printer, including comprehensive training for your staff. We aim to make the transition as smooth and efficient as possible.

You can expect:

  • Professional installation by trained technicians
  • Hands-on training to ensure ease of use
  • Ongoing support to address any hiccups along the way

Even the best technology requires maintenance to ensure longevity and performance. Our service technicians provide routine maintenance, repairs, and support-keeping your printers in top condition.

Maintenance services include:

  • Preventive care to prolong printer life
  • Timely repairs to minimize downtime
  • Quality replacement parts for ensured reliability

In a world where technology moves at lightning speed, partnering with Plastic Card ID puts you ahead of the pack. We are dedicated to providing advanced module card printers that serve today's needs and adapt to tomorrow's demands. With a national reach and a team eager to assist you, superior card printing capabilities are within your grasp.

Our clients are our top priority. Whether you're looking to enhance security, boost efficiency, or simply stand out with exceptional card quality, we have the technology and the expertise to make it happen. It's time to enhance your card printing capability with the latest in modular upgrades.

Don't wait for the future to come to you-reach out to us and take the first step today. Give us a call at 800.835.7919 to explore our advanced card printing solutions and start reaping the benefits of staying ahead of the technological curve.

Our friendly team is here to answer any questions or help you place a new order. Exceptional card printing is only a phone call away!

Join the ranks of our satisfied clients who trust in the advanced capabilities of their modular card printers. We're ready to welcome you aboard.

We serve clients all over the nation, ensuring that no matter where you are, you have access to the best in card printing technology.

Our commitment to innovation is only matched by our dedication to customer service. You're not just buying a printer; you're gaining a partner committed to your success.

Now is the time to enhance your card printing capabilities and give your business the competitive edge it deserves. Join us at Plastic Card ID , and let's create the future together. Call us now at 800.835.7919 -we're here to help every step of the way.


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